2nd Generation Inforce Yoga

2nd Generation Inforce Yoga

German entrepreneur and fashion designer Lilien Stenglein founded her Berlin-based label Lilien Finess Design in 2016. She is working in the intersection between technology and fashion and approaches her collections with an interdisciplinary perspective and business background.

Now covering all chakras on the torso, smart textiles are an essential part of the second generation Inforce Yoga collection. Odour-neutralizing, silver-based material is integrated under the armpits and in the lining of the pockets where it protects from electric radiation caused by mobile phones. Cool bamboo jersey is used to increase haptic feeling on the skin. For a visual impact, all of the materials are laser-engraved with a pattern inspired by the geometric signs that symbolize chakra points.

The designs feature laser engraving and two smart textiles: a 99% pure silver material and natural smart bamboo fiber.

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