We make light wearable.

We believe in the language of light and design for the future.

We like to see ourselves as the future dressed with the elegance, glow and light of the past.

We are innovation with the eternal beauty of fashion. We are technology with handmade design. We are the future with the wisdom of the past. We are the future and the past, in one.

We don’t just make wearable technology, we also make, with great passion, wearable art! All of our pieces and collections contain a unique history that brings together two, the technology of the future and the wisdom and know-how of the past.

We are here to break boundaries, ending the distinction between the future and the past. Because we are both – in one.

Founded in 2013 by the visionary Fusionist Lisa Lang and registered in 2014, ElektroCouture was born to show the great things we can do with technology and how we can wear glowing fashion that is aesthetically pleasing.

Our mission is very clear and full of light: incorporate technology into style, as opposed to putting style on top of gadgets. In addition to that, ElektroCouture pieces and collaborations must be just as malleable, comfortable and washable as any other part of your wardrobe.

ElektroCouture’s collections are in-house designs as well as collaborations with designers from all across the world. Our work has been featured in the international press as well as fashion and technology shows.

In 2017, the glowing family grew. And ElektroCouture founded a new company, ThePowerHouse, the B2B services agency for FashionTech, Wearable Technologies, Internet of Things (IOT), Industry 4.0 and SmartTextiles Manufacturing.

Currently, ElektroCouture’s new sister operates based on two major strands, education and research, but always with the objective of establishing new interdisciplinary market strategies and products.

If you are looking for support in your innovation and new product development process, you can access ThePowerHouse website today and learn more about the company.

“Because you can look smart and pretty at the same time’’

Lisa Lang, The Founder

Lisa Lang is the mind, body and soul of ElektroCouture, a haute couture brand of fashion tech, with the goal of making light wearables. As well as being a European entrepreneur, technologist and international keynote speaker, Lisa Lang believes that fashion and technology are the future and a world of potential.

Passionate about the power of light, technology, and the power and beauty of traditional fashion, Lisa Lang founded ElektroCouture to show we can feel beautiful and intelligent at the same time.

Along with ElektroCouture, our founder has two other companies, ThePowerHouse and OFundamentO, aimed at new business models that combine fashion or arts with technology.

Lisa Lang is currently working for EURATEX – Europe’s biggest Association for the Textile and Apparel Industry. But we continue to glow – for collaborations or proposals, get in touch with us!