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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Alan Kay



Partners & Projects

We’re the world’s first ready-to-wear fashiontechnology brand – and with that we have extensive experience working with customers and partners to prototype and manufacture fashion and wearable technologies. From concepting ideas, scouting markets and materials to launching new products with feasibility studies to manufacturing solutions – we’re here to help.

Or how about internal innovation workshops to explore what your company already can do to diversify your product range for a new market segment?

Let’s get in touch and explore your future products!

The Mission

We bring technology into style, as opposed to putting style on top of gadgets. Plus, ElektroCouture pieces and collaborations must be just as bendable, comfortable and washable as any other part of your wardrobe.

The Vision

We make light wearable. We use light technology the way other designers use color or cut. Our vision is to take this kind of incredible technology out of the robot world, and make it easy to wear for the everyday human person.

The Company

We are a fashiontech house, pioneering the future of self-expression and style. We have a seamstress that knows how to solder, and an electrician learning to hand-sew. We’re proudly based in the heart of Europe’s fashiontech hub: Berlin.


TheStudio is a group of innovative designers and technologists collaborating to explore the intersection of fashion and technology. Powered by ElektroCouture, TheStudio designs future fashion – but already for the here and now!

Consulting & Curation Services

As pioneers in a new exciting industry we’re also leading the way for other companies.  We’re matchmakers between Fashion and Technology – and can find you the right partner for your new product line. Send us an invite today.


Learning by doing is still the best way to create something new and exciting. From creative soldering to designs with laser cutters and innovation workshops – we have lots of exciting courses coming up in our FashionTechAcademy.

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