Berlin Graffiti

Berlin Graffiti

In this collection, we experimented with old industrial knitting machines – to a point where we’re now able to knit patterns and photos. With that we can transfer memories into a wearable experience. Additionally, we infuse our garments with light technology which includes our own smart battery system. This latest generation also has an audio sensor that makes the light pulse in the beat of your environment.

This garment has been made with 80% bio merino wool, is fully washable and can be recharged with a USB Cable.

Cristoper Santos is not only our house photographer but also an amazing artist with whom we enjoy working a lot. Cristopher shares our love for Berlin and discovered a number of secret and cool places around the city with his camera. Some of his pictures we liked so much that we decided to turn them in wearable art.

And so we started to work with our knitting machines and design the first prototypes. This particular sweater used the picture of a graffiti wall in an abandoned building in Berlin. One of the ‘tags’ at the chest of the sweater glows and also has a sensor option where it pulses in the beat of its environment (eg. music or voices).