Bowties on Fire

Bowties on Fire

Initially exclusively designed for the organizing team of Pioneersfestival 2014, ElektroCouture teamed up with Bowtieswala from Warsaw to give the traditional bowtie a fashionable technology touch. What started as a one-off project turned into a world’s first product: a handmade couture bow tie made with glass fiber optic material and a smart battery system.

We used Glass Fibre Optic Material for it’s sattle yet very effective light effect – it sparkles like a midnight stargaze which makes the bowtie noticeable but not annoying or disturbing.

The response at the release party was overwhelming. Men very much enjoyed is wearing it a traditional bowtie, whereas women preferred to wear it as a hairpiece, bracelet or brooch.

Due to the high demand, we released the design for purchase before Christmas 2014 and sold out immediately. We’re currently working on an updated version of the battery system which will improve the user experience and battery power of the bowtie.