City of Sound Bolero

City of Sound bolero

The City of Sound bolero is a collective project with ElektroCouture in-house designer Sofie Di Bartolomeo. In this work she focuses on 3Dprinting on textiles and joined forces with DimensionAlley, Berlin’s first 3D printing shop.

For the City of Sound bolero the designers recorded actual traffic noises and converted them into a three-dimensional pattern, which reminds of a big city skyline. The improvisational traffic map of Germany embraces the contours on the wearer’s back and arms and symbolically points towards how movement influences our daily lives.

The jacket is made from soft faux-leather and suede with the 3D design printed directly onto the material using flexible and stiff biodegradable plastics. For a clean finish, a laser-cut surface was added that fits precisely with the cityscape pattern.