We have been pleased to work with amazing people over the years and we want to keep our house open for future collaborations.
See below how we can work together.
Question Do you collaborate with fashion designers?
AnswerYes, of course! Some of our collections were collaborations with our in-house designers and artists. We love to work as a team! If you are a fashion designer with irreverent ideas, just contact us and tell us what you are planning: contact@elektrocouture.com. 

These are some examples of collaborations with designers:

The high tech Vision Quest collection take us to another level!

Kanika Goyal brought us the magic of craftsmanship and technology together.

The irreverent KEF! Glow started with a crush on a Kef!’s graffiti.

Question Do you receive orders from a client?
AnswerYes, if you traveled along our collections and found something that you really want or if you have a special wish for a special event, send us an e-mail to contact@elektrocouture.com.
Question Do you organize events or exhibitions?
AnswerYes, plenty of them! We usually are invited to participate in events/exhibitions as you can see here. We already have the pleasure to be curator of exhibitions, create a pretty new concept to run in a museum or other space with potential.

Don’t forget: we are specialist telling stories about Fashion and Tech. If you are interested drop us a line contact@elektrocouture.com.