With this concept, we married our love for laser cutting, ArtDeco and LEDs into one product.

Inspired by the classical and timeless Art deco jewelry design in the 1920s and 30s we wanted to create a new and more current version using mirrored-effect acrylics.

Due to its geometric shapes, classical Art deco triggers our designer as well as our technical heat. “It’s like math in pretty” explains our founder Lisa Lang quite often. Sharp edges are one of the design signatures in ArtDeco – which made our choice of tools quite easy. There only can be the laser cutter.

The result of our level one design was a classical geometric design set with gold studs and a gold necklace.

In the second round, we installed blue soft square LEDs into the design. The combination of reflective acrylic and soft LEDs are quite astonishing, it almost has the same effect as real diamonds but quite noticeably, people can’t stop looking at it. Soft LEDs are using even less electricity than normal LEDs which enabled us to develop an elegant battery system which sits in the clasp of the necklace. Opening the chain and closing it is the ‘on’ and ‘off’ mode at the same time.