Why do we love diamonds? They sparkle! Why do we like symmetry? They calm down your brain.

We found a whole new playing field between the twinkle and the hard lines — introducing high-end technology to traditional luxury jewellery design.

Inspired by the classical and timeless Art deco jewellery design in the 1920s and 1930s, we used modern materials to give this design a new life. Created with a high-end laser cutter and mirror acrylics, the edges reflect the sparkling light and are held together by high-quality 925 sterling silver.

Instead of diamonds and sapphires, we used high-end blue square LEDs which dip the squares and lines into a sea of blue.

The LEDs, which are commonly found in industrial products, have a little secret: When you give them only a little bit of electricity, they glow in a deep strong sapphire blue.

Perfectly reflected by the mirror acrylics and the polished silver, the necklace lights up like a little but fierce fairy.

Designed by our famous Founder & CEO Lisa Lang, built by traditional jewellery masters in Europe, CE certified on high German standards – this necklace is in a league of its own.

Equipped with a tiny microchip and a little switch in the back, you can choose from 3 options of light: bright, dimmed and breathe – which makes the necklace twinkle like a blue star.

The LEDs can glow between 8-10 hours non-stop and get charged with a micro-USB plug on the top.

We are now taking limited orders for this necklace. Please email to join the waiting list.