KEF! Glow

The KEF! Art Project

At ElektroCouture we create ready-to-wear FashionTechnology experiences, which turns impressions into a wearable garment – and enables you to interact with your environment. We always love to collaborate with great artists and bring them in a new context with technologies.
In this collection, we experimented with old industrial knitting machines – to a point where we’re now able to knit patterns and photos. With that we can transfer memories into a wearable experience. Additionally, we infuse our garments with light technology which includes our own smart battery system. This latest generation also has an audio sensor makes the light pulse in the beat of your environment.
This garment is fully washable and can be recharged with an USB Cable.

We met KEF! when we opened our winter showroom at the PopUpFashion Berlin store in December 2015. KEF! just finished painting a huge installation – and we had the pleasure to look at it every day.
During that time we refined our knitting technology from scarves to photos on sweaters.

As soon as we finished the first prototypes, we contacted KEF! and asked for a collaboration – an amazing design like this just has to be made wearable! Together we proudly produced this fantastic piece of FashionTechnology – which now everyone can wear!


KEF!’s name means ‘scar’ and is how he sees paint on walls, a lasting mark left by an artist which is difficult to remove. It is also short so handy for when he used to tag a lot. The intricate style of KEF!’s work can be described as abstract graffiti, with KEF! often talking about the flow and harmony within the lines he creates. 
As an artist he works instinctively taking inspiration from within himself and nature. Creating for him is a type of meditation. KEF!’s work has evolved over the years. From two simple characters, each with one eye that he tried to paint everywhere, to an array of abstract shapes. KEF!’s work can now be seen all across the globe and has been working closely with Urban Outfitters, redesigning the interiors of the London, Berlin, Stuttgart and Hong Kong stores.