Bianca Cheng Costanzo is a former Apple designer and a veteran of the MIT Media Lab who explores the ways that digital themes integrate themselves into daily life.

MAREA is a jacket that reminds city dwellers about the soft changes in nature. Animated waves wash slowly over the front of the jacket, just over the heart, displaying the high and low tides of the sea closest to home. This subtle digital ornamentation allows us to passively interact with data in the same way as we do with natural environments.

The low-power, paper-like E-ink displays first commercialized 20 years ago at MIT are now being developed for the wearable market. MAREA employs an ultra-thin, lightweight, and glass-free flexible E-ink display manufactured by Plastic Logic Germany. The wearable display platform integrated into the jacket was developed by TEN Electronics, a Moscow-based company focused on low-energy solutions in the field of flexible electronics for both professional and consumer markets.

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