The internationally acclaimed actress Marlene Dietrich was a role model to many women, because she promoted the empowerment of women, not only through her lifestyle but in particular through her way of dressing masculine.

At the same time, she managed to stay sensual and feminine. Marlene Dietrich was known for being a perfectionist and a unique character. In her letters in 1958 to designer Jean Louis she wrote about a dress, which should glow and be interactive.

Marlene’s Wish

‘This way I can light up and take the light off at will. This will puzzle the people which is good. They will not know if they imagine the light or if they are there’, explains Marlene in ARTE documentary ‘Das letzte Kleid der Marlene Dietrich‘.

Since the technology was not as advanced as today, this vision of a FashionTech dress was not possible back then. Up until recently this dream of a dress was created by ElektroCouture and the idea of Marlene was realized.

Fashion for the Future

ElektroCouture collaborated with reputable companies to produce a high-end result. They collaborated with Swarovski on custom-made crystals, which suit perfectly with the material and e-broidery® technique by Forster Rohner Textile Innovations that utilizes Osram LEDs.

The story and production of Marlene Dietrich’s dress were inspired and filmed by the film production company CO2 Berlin. The official documentary has been screened on ARTE on May 7, 2017. Then Marlene’s dress will travel the world and will be seen in exhibitions.

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