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2nd Generation Inforce Yoga

2nd Generation Inforce Yoga German entrepreneur and fashion designer Lilien Stenglein founded her Berlin-based label Lilien Finess Design in 2016. She is working in the intersection between technology and fashion and approaches her collections with an interdisciplinary perspective and business background. Now covering all chakras on the torso, smart textiles are an essential part of the second generation Inforce Yoga collection. Odour-neutralizing, silver-based material is integrated under the armpits and in the lining of the pockets where it protects from electric radiation caused by mobile phones. Cool bamboo jersey is used to increase haptic feeling on the skin. For a

Well-Lit Project

Well-Lit Project The daughter of an architect and the granddaughter of a dressmaker, Manu Varas grew up with a passion for painting, drawing and design. She graduated from the Berlin-based Esmod International Fashion University in October 2016 and took on a placement in London, where she completed an internship at Osman studio and at the Ciment pleating factory. She is now part of the “Designer in residence” program at TheStudio by ElektroCouture where she experiments with integrating electronics into clothing. Well-lit project is an intelligent ready-to-wear ensemble, designed to provide light in the darkness and give a symbolic feeling of

The Singe Coat

The Singe Coat Designed by Bianca Cheng Constanzo and Laura Hughes, the Singe Coat is a reaction to modern conspicuous consumption- the demonstration of wealth and economic power through the purchasing of lavish goods and services. Flames consume and must be fed like this means of personal identity. The EInk flame animation in the pockets is a tongue and cheek reference to the idiom “burning a hole in your pocket.” This idiom refers to the impatient and frivolous spending.  The oversized silhouette implies the idea of excess and the coat cocoons the body with material comforts. The low-power, paper-like E-ink

KEF! Glow

The KEF! Art Project At ElektroCouture we create ready-to-wear FashionTechnology experiences, which turns impressions into a wearable garment – and enables you to interact with your environment. We always love to collaborate with great artists and bring them in a new context with technologies. In this collection, we experimented with old industrial knitting machines – to a point where we’re now able to knit patterns and photos. With that we can transfer memories into a wearable experience. Additionally, we infuse our garments with light technology which includes our own smart battery system. This latest generation also has an audio sensor

The Syma Line

The Syma Line The Syma Line, created by Layla Mueller, visualizes sound by using a range of innovative techniques to give each outfit a different character. The project aims to explore the symbiosis between music, fashion and science, showcasing the evidence of how sound and frequencies affect the physical world. The first two outfits of The Syma Line each visualize one of physicist Ernst Chladni’s sound figures through their shape. The designer used laser-cut patterns as well as integrated electroluminescent wires. These are attached to a sound sensor that makes them glow stronger and steadier as the surrounding environment gets


FUTURE CITIES Ornate, elegant attire from the early days of tennis in 19th century Victorian England is the inspiration for FUTURE CITIES, created by Manu Varas. Refined classical designs like pleated skirts and Norfolk jackets are combined with sportswear elements and high tech materials to create futuristic women’s wear look. The collection’s highlight is embroidery crafted with LED lights. Flowers inspired by elegant English gardens home to ‘tea and tennis parties’ are the underlying theme. To give them a futuristic appearance, they have been created in various colors and forms using LEDs, as well as PVC tubing, which transports the


Stargazer Stargazer questions and predicts what the future of fashion will be like, with the help of the stars themselves. Astrology inspired prints created in collaboration with Berlin-based artist V Wolfe are transferred onto the garments using a laser engraving technique. The technology used explores the capabilities of the laser cutting machine and presents a more environmentally- and user-friendly alternative to screen or digital printing on textile materials. Laser cutting is not only very precise, but also makes it possible to create different kinds of see-through or almost invisible prints. For the showpiece, a woven fabric consisting of three layers


AMBIENCE Engineer and fashion tech designer Lina Wassong seeks innovative ways of digitalizing the environment and the human body, always questioning how we will seamlessly connect and communicate with electronic components in the future. Wassong believes technology can accentuate the beauty of nature — that’s the message of the AMBIENCE skirt. Tiny lights twinkle like fireflies, while soft sounds of the woods create an idyllic atmosphere reminiscent of a forest glade at dusk. Digitalization of our society is often associated with detachment from nature. However, technology can also be used to emphasize the beauty around us. The AMBIENCE skirt has


Symbiosis Lina Wassong’s Symbiosis dress is an homage to the beautiful natural phenomenon in which two species share the same habitat and benefit from each other. With the wearer and the integrated electronics symbolically connected, the piece is a combination of delicate design and advanced software technology. Through the seamless interface, the wearer can shift the microcontroller from „listening“ into „observing“ mode and watch the dress change as it reacts to the surrounding environment. Laser cutting and 3D printing with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) that allows high-resolution prints in complex shapes give the design its final touch.

Parallax Dress

Parallax Dress Berlin-based engineer and designer Lina Wassong first became inspired to explore the aesthetic aspects of technology while living in San Francisco, the capital of tech. Wassong’s designs seek innovative ways of changing the analog world into a digital environment. Self-learning systems and the integration of autonomous machines let us explore technology from a new perspective. Machines become more aware of their environment through artificial intelligence. The Parallax dress merges new intelligent technology with complex evolutionary behavior and makes us rethink intelligence in our digital age. The design concept is based on the unique nervous system of an octopus. The octopuses’ control center
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