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Symbiosis Lina Wassong’s Symbiosis dress is an homage to the beautiful natural phenomenon in which two species share the same habitat and benefit from each other. With the wearer and the integrated electronics symbolically connected, the piece is a combination of delicate design and advanced software technology. Through the seamless interface, the wearer can shift the microcontroller from „listening“ into „observing“ mode and watch the dress change as it reacts to the surrounding environment. Laser cutting and 3D printing with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) that allows high-resolution prints in complex shapes give the design its final touch.

Parallax Dress

Parallax Dress Berlin-based engineer and designer Lina Wassong first became inspired to explore the aesthetic aspects of technology while living in San Francisco, the capital of tech. Wassong’s designs seek innovative ways of changing the analog world into a digital environment. Self-learning systems and the integration of autonomous machines let us explore technology from a new perspective. Machines become more aware of their environment through artificial intelligence. The Parallax dress merges new intelligent technology with complex evolutionary behavior and makes us rethink intelligence in our digital age. The design concept is based on the unique nervous system of an octopus. The octopuses’ control center

City of Sound Bolero

City of Sound bolero The City of Sound bolero is a collective project with ElektroCouture in-house designer Sofie Di Bartolomeo. In this work she focuses on 3Dprinting on textiles and joined forces with DimensionAlley, Berlin’s first 3D printing shop. For the City of Sound bolero the designers recorded actual traffic noises and converted them into a three-dimensional pattern, which reminds of a big city skyline. The improvisational traffic map of Germany embraces the contours on the wearer’s back and arms and symbolically points towards how movement influences our daily lives. The jacket is made from soft faux-leather and suede with the


K-Lapse As a multimedia biotechnical designer and head of TheLab at ElektroCouture, Lusi Ajonjoli creates new materials from biowaste and other organic matter. Her projects evolve around the life cycles of sustainable materials and environmental remediation. Sofie Di Bartolomeo is a textile and clothing designer from ElektroCouture – her focal point is the interaction between textiles, materials and the body. For the creation of bespoke wearable pieces, di Bartolomeo uses laser cutting and 3D printing among other advanced production processes. As the inaugural project of TheLab at ElektroCouture, K-Lapse dress connects biotechnology with fashion by using "vegan leather", a textile

Kanika Goyal

Kanika Goyal Collection With its roots deep in quality craftsmanship and refined tailoring, Kanika Goyal's label embodies the concept of provocative minimalism. Fascinated by the principle of paradox, the designer consistently transforms her contrasting ideals into garments that narrate eclectic yet powerful stories. Inspired by youth, their behavioral patterns, subcultures, gadgets and slang, the collection transforms the idea of the digital epiphany into delicate details. The symbolic contrast between reality and virtuality is portrayed through the use of crystal and metal embellishment that decorates the coat. The brand’s signature asymmetry is combined with precise tailoring and innovative technology – LED lights

Bowties on Fire

Bowties on Fire Initially exclusively designed for the organizing team of Pioneersfestival 2014, ElektroCouture teamed up with Bowtieswala from Warsaw to give the traditional bowtie a fashionable technology touch. What started as a one-off project turned into a world’s first product: a handmade couture bow tie made with glass fiber optic material and a smart battery system. We used Glass Fibre Optic Material for it’s sattle yet very effective light effect – it sparkles like a midnight stargaze which makes the bowtie noticeable but not annoying or disturbing. The response at the release party was overwhelming. Men very much enjoyed is wearing it

Vision Quest

Vision Quest Vision Quest is a multi-seasonal couture collection
 of four designs, offering modern occasional wear 
with elements of wearable technology for men. Each piece in the
 collection is enhanced by different light technologies,
symbolising the enlightenment, which is the main
 theme of this collection. Created with phosphorescent paint, electroluminescent wire, electroluminescent
panel, and a LED screen. This collection was designed by Joanna Hir, an award-winning fashion designer, costume
 designer, and fashion stylist. Graduated
from London College of Fashion, she
worked for some of the biggest names in
the industry including: Victoria Modesta,
 Rita Ora and many more. Her work has been 
published by Vogue, Elle, and

The Journey of Light

The Journey of Light What happens when a white light passes through a prism? Each wavelength refracts at a different angle, and the prism disperses the light into its constituent colors. The Journey of light, based on the concept developed with illustrator and designer Dorota Orlof  captures this travel of light through an artistic approach. Portraying the play of light when it hits the prism, the squares in the design symbolise the prism and the lines symbolise light. The necklace has three variations — mirrored, white and black.

Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche Inspired by the White Nights – nights that are never completely dark – this jacket is lit with 336 Osram LEDs. The technology integrates active lighting on fabrics that can be washed, draped or ironed and have therefore all the properties needed for garment production. The piece is powered by a hidden rechargeable battery. Nuit Blanche was created Anja Dragan. She graduated with an MA in fashion design from the Dutch ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design in 2015. During her studies, she held an internship with the couturier Iris van Herpen and took on an exchange semester
Cover of ModeLab Magazine

ElektroCouture and Marlene in ModeLab No. 5

Last December ModeLab spent three days with ElektroCouture to capture the burgeoning Berlin FashionTech scene. During this time they worked with some of our go-to photographers, Sandra Ebert and Lucas Christensen, and with models, Marusja Archiper and Esther Welzk. During the photo-shoot, the models wore Marlene and Nuit Blanche designed by Anja Dragan and ElektroCouture. ModeLab is a magazine originating in Paris. They are establishing a conversation around FashionTech and the result is something to swoon over and something physical to hold. The magazine is available for purchase here. During their time spent in Berlin, a video of the editorial process was also
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