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The Berlin Project

The Berlin Project When you fly into Berlin at night the first thing to welcome you are the bright dots and lines of the city lights against the dark ground, full with the promise of excitement. The oversized knitwear design of the Berlin Coat captures this moment. The coat is made of extra-fine Oekotex 100-certified Merino Wool, which makes it lightweight and protects you from the extreme weather while also providing a soft grip. The pattern of the coat shows the Berlin city map, graphically stylised and pixelated. The garment is knitted on one of our hacked Jacquard machines. The


“We have to find a way to have the dress glow." Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich was an internationally acclaimed actress, a role model to many women, a live performer and much more—she was a FashionTech visionary. She dreamed of inventive and avant-garde ideas that were ahead of her time. In her letters in 1958 to designer Jean Louis she wrote about a dress, which should glow and be interactive. Her wish for a glowing dress was clearly defined in her personal letter to Jean Louis she wrote: If you are worried about the technical side, let me just say that
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