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Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie on FashionTech and ElektroCouture

The Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie wrote on the emergence of FashionTech and ElektroCouture this summer after an interview with our founder, Lisa Lang. Starting with the Berlin Coat and the feeling when one gets while flying into Berlin at night, and then discussing the reasons behind why Lisa Lang started ElektroCouture. Lisa really wanted something to glow so started creating her own clothes. Now she's been makings things glow for five years. As thorough as any German department is, the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie also provided resources for getting started in fashion and FashionTech within Germany. To read the article,
ElektroCouture in Forbes

Forbes About ElektroCouture

Knitty Knowles of Forbes covers our founder, Lisa Lang, as they discuss making things glow, the history of ElektroCouture and the future of FashionTech. Knowles then goes on to cover some of ElektroCouture's most recent projects, The Berlin Project and Marlene.

The Berlin Project

The Berlin Project When you fly into Berlin at night the first thing to welcome you are the bright dots and lines of the city lights against the dark ground, full with the promise of excitement. The oversized knitwear design of the Berlin Coat captures this moment. The coat is made of extra-fine Oekotex 100-certified Merino Wool, which makes it lightweight and protects you from the extreme weather while also providing a soft grip. The pattern of the coat shows the Berlin city map, graphically stylised and pixelated. The garment is knitted on one of our hacked Jacquard machines. The
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