Carrying the power of the elements


Designer: Laura Wass & Lisa Lang

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When two women get together, there can only be something truly beautiful (and smart, obviously).

The story started when we met Laura Wass from WXYZ Jewelry from Brooklyn, New York, and we knew something special was going to happen!

Everyone in fashion is looking towards technology to find new inspiration and a new way to tell a story. Laura Wass came to us with her amazing designs and a simple question: ‘can you make it glow?’ And we certainly did! Even more so, we developed an entire story and ecosystem for a technology revolution in jewelry and fashion.

After several highly-inspiring (and entertaining) sessions with Laura Wass and microchip and 3D printing experts, we found our perfect story: walking within the elements.

In life, we’re always trying to find our orientation – we walk in different directions, surrounded by elements. This was the kind of feeling Laura wanted to express in our new design.

We assigned the four elements to the four cardinal points. When you walk into the fire, the gemstone turns red. When you turn in the opposite direction, you walk into water and the lights turn blue. So technology has never been more natural and beautiful.

The technology has been invisibly encapsulated into perlmutt gemstones, 3D printed with fully biodegradable material. To charge the batteries, you simply use an elegant mobile wireless charger station.