Luxury-jewelry with superpower

Frozen is a luxury jewel only available by ordering directly via email to

Designer: Lisa Lang

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We call it a jewel with real superpowers. The greatest power of them all is to make you feel beautiful, strong and intelligent at the same time.

Inspired by classical and timeless art deco jewellery design from the 1920s and 1930s, we used modern materials to give this design new life. Created with a high-end laser cutter and mirror acrylics, the edges reflect the sparkling light and are held together by high-quality 925 sterling silver.

Instead of diamonds and sapphires, we used high-end blue square LEDs and tipped the squares and lines into a sea of ​​blue. 

The LEDs, which are commonly found in industrial products, have a little secret: When you give them just a bit of electric, they glow a deep strong sapphire blue. Perfectly reflected by mirror acrylics and polished silver, the necklace lights up like a little but fierce fairy.

Equipped with a tiny microchip and a little switch in the back, you have three options to choose from: bright, dimmed and breathe – which makes the necklace twinkle like a blue star. The LEDs can glow for 8-10 hours and are chargeable through a micro-USB plug at the top.