Marie Antoinette meets Tokyo

Are you talking with your dress?


Designer: ElektroCouture


Marie Antoinette meets Tokyo. Past meets future.

New friendships. Culture clashes. United craftsmanship and technology.

We teamed up with a traditional corset maker and a fashion designer to create a classic shape – just so we can surprise of the exciting technology waiting for under the textiles. Attached RGB LEDs to the corset make the dress glow, like a wearable rainbow; the light flickers through the textile like little fireflies, changing shape and colour.

Look at it and wonder how it would look in blue, pink or white. And how about we add some effects – a sparkle, a glow, a blink?

With just a simple Instagram post, you can change the colour and effect of the dress, just take a picture. Post #elektrocouture plus a hashtag for colour and one for effect (e.g., #pink #sparkle).

Since the dress is connected to the internet, it will get the message and change its appearance.

Try it. Also, you can make a change with a fingertip. Would you like an interactive installation? Just contact us! We’ll make you glow!

Marie Antoinette has never sounded so cool, right? That’s what happens when you meet Tokyo!