Mia Manu

Join me on my spaceship


Designer: Mia Manu

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The Japanese vests are available in black with blue lights and powdery pastel pink with white lights, demonstrating a strong, fierce design.

The Manu Black, sleek and futuristic, would look equally at home in a distant starport lounge as it would in a packed club. A raised collar and sleeveless wide shoulders lead to a flattering waistline before widening as it drops to knee length. Twin lines of electric blue flow down the length of the top, wrapping around the collar to fall down the opposite side of the body.

The Manu pink is space traveler chic for the trendy person way ahead of their time. A pale pink serves as the base of the sleek design,

featuring a high collar and sleeveless design that flows into a narrowing waist and flared skirt which hangs just above the knees.

A dark grey trim lines the edges, matching the full length zipper that lines the front. Twin lines of orange piping mimics the lines of the garment, raising from the bottom hem to curve alongside the collar before dropping down the back.

The elegant, limited edition coats come in two different color choices: black with blue lights and ecru with subtle pink lights. With a touch of avant-garde, the coat can be unzipped into a cropped jacket – resulting in a glowing homage to the famous Coco Chanel jacket.