Nuit Blanche

Glowing dress for a White Night


Designer: Anja Dragan

£ 270.00 £ 220.00


The world of Anja Dragan collided with ElektroCouture’s world. Fashion Design and Technology in collaboration to create and tell a completely different story: beautiful technology is presented to design.

Light is all about positive emotions so why not wear it?

LEDs have the reputation to be cold and without a soul… but if you put them into a nice and soft textiles you can get a different personality!

Inspired by the White Nights – nights that are never completely dark – Nuit Blanche is lit with 336 Osram LEDs!

The technology integrates active lighting on fabrics that can be washed, draped or ironed and have therefore all the properties needed for garment production. The piece is powered by a hidden rechargeable battery.