Rainbow Sparkles

Text to the jacket


Designer: ElektroCouture


Why can’t we be pretty and smart at the same time? That’s how everything started – and this jacket is the first wearable apparel piece we created.

With love and dedication made at FabLab Berlin in early 2014, RainbowSparkles contains 36 RGB cold light LEDs and a 15-meter cable powered by a standard USB charger – hand-sewn and hand-soldered.

Since this jacket has travelled all around the world, the implementation of a Wi-Fi spot would be really useful, so we decided to implement a Twilio API text message application.

Thanks to the Twilio API, RainbowSparkles now has multiple phone numbers assigned. Via text message, LEDs can be triggered to change colours and effects. For instance, a message containing ‘#blue #sparkle’ will make the LEDs in the back of the jacket create a blue sparkle effect.

The most popular effect however is #rainbow – a random algorithm rainbow effect playing with all shades of colours possible.

Is there anything more incredible and amazing than this?