Scarves Collection

Your own scarf, your own ideas


Designer: ElektroCouture


“Technology is for geeks” is an idea of the past. Finally, the world of fashion has joined hands with technology to come up with brilliantly designed electronic clothing infused with stylish embellishments.

This collection of scarves has emerged from our high-end invented knitting technique with European industrial machines. It means we can turn any kind of picture into knitted art.

The thin lighting strip bordering the edges of the scarf emits a bright vivid glow, making you a trendsetter of sorts. There are simple on-and-off switches in the corners of the scarf – when you see the lights getting dimmer, simply hook it up to a port and recharge till the bright glow is restored.

Do you have any ideas to share? If you’d like your own scarf with your own idea, just contact us.