The Berlin Project

Wearing the city.


Designer: ElektroCouture


When you fly into Berlin at night, the first thing that welcomes you are the bright dots and lines of the city lights, full of the promise of excitement.

The oversized knitwear design of the Berlin Coat captures that exact moment – the moment of flying over the city of Berlin and falling in love with the lights and points that symbolise life and movement.

The coat is made of extra-fine Oekotex, 100% certified Merino wool, which makes it lightweight and protects you from the extreme weather while also providing a soft grip. The coat’s pattern shows the Berlin city map, graphically stylised and pixelated.

The garment is knitted on one of our hacked Jacquard machines.

The LEDs in the coat are powered by a high-quality battery placed inside the welt pocket, which provides enough power to glow the whole day. In the pocket, a layer of special anti-electrosmog textile directs all electromagnetic radiation away from you. The side pockets and sleeve hems are also lined with a cotton jersey.

This design is not only a prototype, but has been developed to be produced in high numbers – made with love and passion in Europe, inspired by the wonderful exciting city of Berlin.