The Syma Line

Music, Fashion and Science in your body.


Designer: Layla Mueller

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The Syma Line visualizes sound by using a range of innovative techniques to give each outfit a different character. The project aims to explore the symbiosis between music, fashion and science, showcasing the evidence of how sound and frequencies affect the physical world. The first two outfits of The Syma Line each visualize one of physicist Ernst Chladni’s sound figures through their shape.

As a part of her designer in-residence training, we invited student Layla Mueller to explore   lasercutting and integrated electroluminescent wires – and push it forward. Inspired by our FireFly design, Layla played around with sounds sensors that makes them glow stronger and steadier as the surrounding environment gets louder. It’s like if the design visualises the puls of the music on your garment.