Vision Quest

An Urban Warrior in a fight of Lights


Designer: Joanna Hir

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Welcome to a different level!

Technology is not scary anymore.

Vision Quest, presented by ElektroCouture and designed by Joanna Hir, is a multi-seasonal couture collection offering modern occasional wear with elements of techwear for men. Each piece in the collection is enhanced by different light technologies, symbolizing enlightenment, which is the main theme of this collection.

“The theme is enlightenment. We use light as a symbol of human progress, evolution, and spiritual enlightenment. What was important for me was to combine technology with traditional tailoring techniques. It is time for smart clothing and we need to change the interaction between the body and our clothes to offer new functions to users,” says Joanna. When she heard of the term “enlightenment engineering”, she thought it was perfect for Vision Quest as that was the theme. Joanna worked with Francisco Teixeira, a neuroscientist from MuArts in Porto and created the headpiece that’s activated by brain waves.

The way technology works in Vision Quest is a perfect blend of fashion and tech. The technology installed in the headpiece measures the user’s brain activity. We have programmed it so that, when one concentrates, the headpiece glows, and when one reaches a high level of concentration, it flashes. For instance, the maximum range is from 0 to 100. When the concentration level is 40, the EL Wire glows, when the concentration level is at 70 it blinks.

This is the first prototype. The second phase of innovation will be to connect the brain to the different pieces embedded in the collection. It will change the modes and colors of the collection through the focus on the mind without pressing any buttons.

The technologies used include the following: glowing ink, EL Wire, EL Panel, LED Matrix, as well as EEG measuring brain data, the latter of which is installed in the headpiece.
Joanna further explains the use of the Vision Quest range in the practical world: “This is going to be very helpful to see the emotions of the wearer, especially for people who have communication problems.”

Another way to use technology is the enhancement of brain capabilities and healing of any abnormalities in brain activity. You have the ability to manage what is happening inside your brain and understand what external stimuli are “changing” you or which triggers are making you more or less engaged. The movement is called enlightenment engineering, and it aims to enhance human potential and heal some aspects of the human psyche with the help of wearable technology; for example, it can help reduce anxiety or depression or increase focus or relaxation.

But this is only the beginning. The next steps would be to connect the brain to the rest of the collection and control the light modes of each of the tech installed on the garment. Another step forward would be to connect the web to the brain and all the tech devices around us, such as the mobile phone, computer, or car. The idea is to skip remote control and use technology just through the focus of the mind using brainwaves.

That is why technology is no longer scary, but an ally in our life.