Here Scientists and Designers Co-Create, to build a platform for science and story-telling through fashion. This way we achieve two goals:

1. To change cultural perception of bacteria, mushrooms, algae and any other bio-agent to promote the idea of sustainability through bio-mimicry/bio-hacking for garments.

2. To Innovate and develop ideas for new materials, interactivity and life-cycles for clothing.

Acceptance through art

“I say it is the beginning of shifting norms in society towards bacteria and mycelia.

In western society, our advertisements praise cleanliness, sterility, as an ideal, so it will take some time to reverse that mentality before we can accept this scene to the fullest. For this we need to make more art, why not?”

Lusi Ajonjoli x Head of The Lab

Read our in-depth interview with Lusi HERE!

Cellulose vegan leather: K-Lapse

Vegan leather was grown in TheLab by fermenting organic waste tea with the kombucha culture. This organic waste has nutrients which feed the culture along with trace amounts of sugar. At the surface of this tea, bacteria create the cellulose. This is the inaugural collaboration between TheLab and TheStudio, initiating the conversation around carbon-negative production processes.

You can see the result in the picture of the dress K-LAPSE above. Get more information here!

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